I am so excited to share the branding package I created for Bisousweet Confections. But first I have to say something about Bisousweet. Their baked goods are, without a doubt, the best I have ever tasted. They have a way of taking the classics and elevating them to a level that I didn't know was even possible.

When Karen Collins, the talented pastry chef and owner of Bisousweet Confections (formerly Babycakes and Confections) approached me she was in the middle of a rebrand. Her business was expanding and she wanted to refine her brand and take it in a new direction. I worked closely with her to create a package that included logo, submarks, graphic elements, palette and the Bisousweet pattern. Karen was fantastic to work with. You can read more about the process here on her lovely blog.

After we established the brand, we moved on to create some collateral materials. The sell sheet for their amazing cupcakes is above, as well as the new business card design. (The images for the sell sheet were taken by Michael Quiet.)

We have many more projects in the works. Stay tuned for updates!

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